Shower-heads are an important part of every modern bathroom. Like most items in your home, shower-heads come in various sizes, types, functioning and prices. Choosing a new shower-head could be easy or challenging depending on what you are looking for in a shower-head. Most shower-heads may look the same but their functions very different. If you are looking to buy a new shower-head and want the best you can get in terms of what works for you whether its aesthetics, function or price, you would benefit a lot from knowing what you are choosing and why. Anyone looking to buy a new shower-head could feel like they are navigating a mine field if they are not sure to look for. Everyone cant use the same type of shower-head as we all have preferences. There are a few guidelines you can follow before buying a new shower-head that will help get the type of shower-head you want and you may to look a review of best shower heads.

Consider what the installation would require:

This requires you to consider the entire process of installation. Are you going to install it yourself or have a plumber do it for you? Will installation of the new shower-head require any change in your current bathroom setup? What will the installation require? although not that important, will the new shower-head aesthetics blend in nicely with your current bathroom decor or aesthetics?

Asking these questions before purchase will help you chose the right shower-head.

Type of the shower-head:

This of course entails several details. This could mean the number of setting available on the shower-head. On that front, there are multi-setting shower-heads and single-setting shower-heads. This means that some shower-heads allow you control over certain elements of the shower-head such as flow-rate and temperature while others offer only a single element that can be adjusted. They can also be categorized according to their water delivery for example rain shower-heads. You can also have a selection between a permanently mounted shower-head or a handheld shower head or even a hybrid of the two.

Durability of the shower-head:

Durability will determine how long your new shower-head will be in use before you have to swap it out for a new one. The durability will be determine by a couple of factors such as, material used to make it, the build quality of the shower-head, the durability rating of the manufacturer's shower-heads. Although most of the time a high price will mean a better build quality, it is safer to always check the build quality yourself thoroughly as some gems can be found in the low-cost shower-head section.

Are you looking to save water:

It may be that your reason for looking for a new shower-head in the first place is to save water as you current shower-head may be quite the waterfall. If you aim is to save water, make sure to ask around the store for water-saving shower-heads. Also look at the shower-head to descriptions to see what nifty features the have that could help save water.

Flow rate:

The flow rate of a shower-head will determine how much water it delivers at any given moment. Shower heads with a high flow rate will deliver more water than ones with lower flow rate. What this means is that depending on your preferences, whether you want to feel like you are taking a shower under a waterfall or you want to minimise your water consumption, flow rate will be what you want to look at.